Fractional Ownership in Miami, trumps Trump!

In Uncategorized on May 21, 2008 at 8:21 pm

Well, many may hate Donald Trump.  Rosey surely does.  But I love the name and feel it is the variable in the equation most people seek. 

Many KNOW it in their heart that they will be rich.  Others understand in their mind what it feels to be financial independent.  I see Donald Trump, and figure this it the closest thing to following in someone’s footsteps as I can get as a Realtor and a real estate investor.

I’m sure there are others who have more and that’s OK.  Yet, although I’m not one to brag, I do dream of the day I can endulge in the finer things life has to offer.  For instance, the Dubai islands are a dream for many.

For others, ownership in an exclusive location, even if it’s not in Dubai, the Ritz Carlton or Trump Towers will do.

As a resident and Realtor in Miami, I am very proud to be part of a great project being developed that will certainly trump Trump Towers and any other 5-star resort or vacation destination in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you like water, you like being pampered, and you like the best life has to offer, forget Dubai, and read on.

Imagine arriving in Miami International Airport in your very own private jet or commercial airliner.  Your luxury sedan is waiting for you.  Perhaps today, a Phantom Rolls Royce is there, chouffer driven to pick you up and bring you home. 

You made a brief call letting them know you’d be arriving, and all your personal belongins (pictures, etc) are positioned just right and waiting to make you feel right at home when you arrive.

The next morning, you have a 50′ yacht taxi you to Bayside for shopping and entertainment, while a 75′ yacht is preparing to sail that evening with your significant other and/or group of specially invited guests.

This is the live of luxury most dream of, and many can have.  Even if your name isn’t Donald Trump or John Travolta. 

When you own a piece of this pie, you can enjoy everything the cake has to offer for the price of a pie.

Welcome to the world of fractional ownership.  Why purchase an entire unit in an exclusive location you only plan to enjoy for a few days or weeks a year, when you can pay for the apropriate portion you intend to use, and rent out the rest if you so choose.

Perhaps you don’t plan to come to Miami this year, because you plan to spend time in one of your other 2nd home/vacation destinations.  Why not rent that space and mitigate your expenses?   Who knows?  You may even brake even or make some money in the process by letting the management rent out the place while you’re away.

This is the way our Baby Boom generation will enjoy traveling and vacationing.  Besters (Better Empty Nesters) as described by Bob Waun, will enjoy the lifestyle our parents could only dream about for us.

Hec…even we may have dreamt of living this kind of lifestyle whithout fully understanding how we would be able to do it?! Well, this is how!

Just contact your trusted Realtor and find out what’s available in South Florida that is not offered by Donald Trump, any other location in the Northern Hemisphere, or even Dubai, at the financing terms that are right for YOU.


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