Pets can be a peeve to potential buyers-even transaction killers

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Pets can be a peeve to potential buyers and can be transaction killers

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and caught that peculiar odor that makes it “their” home? Well, this time, is like that time.

Odors are by many accounts, one of the biggest turn-offs that shu buyers the most. Driving to a property that has past the first test (the price seems right), the second test (it’s situated in an area of the buyer’s liking), then the third test (they like the street, neighboring homes and at least generally – the curb appeal of the home they drove to see), then taking that first step on to the front door and noticing – even from that point, peculiar odors, may be reason enough for them to not want to pursue a deal.

Scents are among the most basic, bare-bones,  emotion-grabbers there are. In the animal kingdom, it is used to mark territory, to lure pray or partner and even to avoid becoming prey.

When the scents in someone’s home are complicated by the sweat (from those who are outdoors or sports type), dirty laundry or dippers, ethnic foods or fish topped with pet odors (be it birds, felines, dogs or any other), strangers walking into that environment will likely be received in shock.

Of course, we don’t notice it – at least not as much. It’s our family’s scent. Others however, will not be able to leave the house fast enough.

So, what to do if you are looking to sell and are a family of smokers (yes – even if you don’t smoke inside), sportsmen, campers, bikers, climbers and critter collectors (birds, turtles, fish, cats, dogs, etc), with babies or toddlers in dippers? Simple. Realize that, no matter whether you can tell or not – your home smells different to most other’s homes, and strangers visiting WILL notice. Acceptance is usually the first step in healing any relationship and will go a long way if potential buyers can walk through the house without holding their breath.

Next, deep clean, change the A/C filter, wash all sheets, carpets, clothes, etc. Open all windows for a day as you scrub away in order to air all vents of the A/C system. By all means, make sure all pet areas are super clean. If possible, let friends or family take care of your pets while the property is on the market.

If you have small children in dippers, make sure the dirty dippers are promptly removed from any interior trash cans, and if your family does a lot of outdoor activities, make sure laundry is frequently caught up.

Why all the panic?! you ask? Well…are you looking to sell your house or just have it for sale? If you are looking to sell, keeping the house in the best shape possible will ensure it is “show ready” at all times. Your Realtor may be showing the home while you’re at work or on vacation for the weekend and with all the choices available to buyers today, if that buyer leaves your home with a bad impression, your home will end up in the “forget it” pile and hop on out of there and into the next house faster than you can say ‘rabbit’.

So, eliminating odors goes a long way to ensure your home sells. Even if in tip-top shape – if your home’s scent is offensive to others, it will not sell. Imagine walking into any expensive store, showcasing top of the line “anything” and from the moment you walk in, it smells awful to you. How long would you be inside the store checking out the beautiful, expensive merchandise before you bolt out? Well, that’s exactly what buyers not familiar or adamantly against and even allergic to pet odors, cigarette smells when they open closet doors, and stuffy air conditioning vents will feel like.

Keeping your home “showcase ready” at all times is like preparing an automobile for sale. Most, will give it the best cleaning job, inside and out – even the engine. They’ll change the filter, make sure the brakes and tires are in good condition and that it shines. It is no different with your house. If you want to sell it, take the steps to make sure it appeals to buyers.

If you just want to have a “for sale” sign in front and make believe it will sell for top dollar while you neglect it, just forget everything you just read.


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