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In real estate on October 11, 2010 at 4:41 pm

There are so many important stories shared in today’s FAR news, that they should all be shared

Florida Realtors® News

Daily Briefing: Monday, October 11, 2010


Foreclosure freeze undermines housing market

As banks halt foreclosures to check paperwork, closings get postponed. It’s a technical problem creating real angst. Read more.

Electronic bank system behind new mess

In 1997, banks created MERS to register titles quickly, leading to the current problem and "Who really owns this mortgage?" Read more.

Stewart Title clamps down foreclosure sales

Title company’s new guidelines make it difficult for agents to write policies on foreclosures owned by some banks. Read more.

Strategic default no longer unthinkable

In a recent survey, 36% of Americans said that walking away without paying the mortgage is sometimes acceptable. Read more.


Top 10 most stressful jobs

Real estate made it into the top 10 thanks to the weak economy, competition for business and grueling schedules. Read more.

Make a note of it

10 reasons to ‘Vote No on 4’

Why is Amendment 4 bad? Florida Realtors Pres. Wendell Davis and VP John Sebree outline 10 reasons in a new video. Read more.

Reprinted by permission: © 2010 Florida Realtors®


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