In real estate on November 30, 2010 at 7:53 pm

October sales registered in the Multiple Listing Service (or MLS which is used by professional Realtors), in the Downtown area outpaced sales in South Beach by a slight margin.

There were 114 properties that either Closed or went Pending (under contract) in the Downtown area vs. 98 in South Beach.

The brake down was as follows:

Downtown (33131 & 33130), total Sold/Pending: 114

Total Closed transactions: 13 of which 7 were non-distressed sales and 6 where closed Short Sales (there were no Closed REOs registered in the MLS)

Total Pending Transaction: 101 of which 29 were non-distressed, 33 were Short Sales and 39 were REO – all now under contract.

South Beach (33139), total Sold/Pending: 98

Total Closed transactions: 10 of which only 1 was a Short Sale and there were no REOs closed in the MLS

Total Pending transactions: 88 of which 43 were non-distressed, 24 were Short Sales and 21 were REO – all now under contract

Want to know more? Let me know and I’ll try to send you what I can J


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