Miami sales up – and it’s no longer just me saying it…!

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It is no longer me saying it. The Miami Herald just published the article in the link below.

If you are THINKING about buying…well….I’m not really sure what there is to think about.

Think about it too long and with Average AND Median “closed” prices up in October AND November, PLUS interest rates up for 5 weeks straight, “thinking” may start to get expensive – even price you right out of the market.  THE WINDOW MAY BE STARTING TO CLOSE. Snooze and well…lose?

Sellers can’t get too excited still though. Properties sold are still the properties “on sale”. Who in their right mind would buy milk  for $9 a gallon if they can pick it up down the street for $3.49/gal.?  Not many, I’d guess.

This is no time to let greed creep up your spine if you are looking to get your place ‘sold’. This is the time to sit with your agent and find out what exactly needs to happen to move your property from the “for sale” (hope and wish list) or “expired” (rejected), side of the ledger to the “sold” side of the ledger.  What a weight off your shoulders if this needs to happen for you soon.

If you don’t need to sell right now and you intend to wait for the right buyer to come along, you may be much better served taking the property off the market and reposition it to SELL in a few months when you see yet more confirmation that you can finally get that magic number you need or want.

Keep in mind though, if you are waiting to sell in order to buy your next home, that other property may also cost you more when you finally get yours sold. If you are looking to find a bargain you can buy…getting that property sold today will help ensure you don’t miss this great opportunity to also buy at bargain prices.

As the old saying goes…pay the piper now…or pay the piper later. Perhaps you Sell low and then Buy low. Otherwise, may be you get to Sell high to Buy high. You choose.


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