5 Fla. city areas tops for doing business

In real estate on January 24, 2011 at 3:30 pm

ORLANDO, Fla. – Jan. 24, 2011 – did an analysis on pro-business cities and counties –based on the cost of doing business – and created the nation’s top 20. In the analysis, Orlando came out on top, and five Florida city areas made the list. No other state had more than one area in the top 20.

Florida city areas by rank and yearly cost to operate
1. Orlando
3. Jacksonville
7. Tampa Bay
16. Palm Beach County
20. Broward County

“Florida is one of the most pro-business states in the nation, and it has been for some time,” said John Boyd Jr. with

To create the top 20, BizCosts looked at typical business costs, such as the operation of a corporate headquarters building, labor, taxes and travel. To make the comparison between cities fair, it assumed a 75,000-square foot headquarters and staff of 300. Based on that model company, the yearly cost in Orlando is about $19.9 million per year; Jacksonville is about $20.1 million; and Broward County is about $21.6 million.

In New York City, the most expensive city for business operating expenses, the cost per year is about $28.5 million.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel, Jan. 19, 2011, Jim Stratton

Reprinted by Permission: © 2011 Florida Realtors®



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